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About Us

Encompass-Realtors is owned and operated by John and Rhonda Faber who together have over 25 years of successful real estate experience. Our office is conveniently located at 525 Michigan Avenue in downtown Holland, just down the hill from Holland Hospital.

 Encompass-Realtors was built on a strong foundation of values and purpose. We operate in a fun, encouraging and challenging environment that helps all of us to achieve not only our goals, but also our deeper purpose. As owners, we are dedicated to providing and participating in an atmosphere of collaboration, self-improvement, positive attitudes and most importantly, a passion and a drive to surpass the expectations of every Realtor® who calls Encompass their "work" home.


How do we do that? We work constantly to improve our systems and processes while keeping our fees very low so that our agents can earn higher incomes. We are intentionally structured in a way that encourages our agents to develop themselves and their own branding in order to maximize their impact and market share. and are always available for support and ideas. We’re committed to providing a brokerage where agents can maximize their income potential while making their own choices about how they will accomplish that.


Our Office

The office is designed with YOU in mind.  Affordable private offices or workstations are available to lease if desired. The café area is available for meeting with clients, spending time with other agents, or just as an alternative work space.  Also, our private conference room, with child friendly area, is a great option for private consultations with your clients or closings.

Agent Commissions & Monthly Fees


(Encompass Monthly Fees = $ 0)

The only fees we charge (ever) are when you close a transaction:

Broker Fee: 

A broker fee of .15% (.0015) of final sale price per side represented by Encompass-Realtors (Capped at $ 5,000 per calendar year)

Example: Sale price $200,000 x .15% = $300 (Broker Fee)

Administration Fee

This fee is normally paid by the client. Minimum admin fee of $275 per side represented by Encompass (VA Buyers: No admin fee to be charged for VA Buyers)


Included for all agents at no additional charge:

E & O Insurance, Gmail/G Suite account and features, DotLoop Premium account, Internet available at main office, private conference room and café area to meet with clients, company website with agent picture and information link, company sales meetings, training on all company required software, procedures and documents, 2 full time brokers to help and answer questions, ER Resource Intranet Site.

Encompass gives back


Curious? We’d love to tell you more about Encompass!

Rhonda Faber – 616-990-0556 – John Faber – 616-218-5228 –